Human Oral Microbiome Taxon Description
Prevotella sp. oral taxon 317
Human Oral Taxon ID (HOT):317Synonym:
Oral Strain TFI-B31FD
Oral Strain TFI-F0055
Unnamed - Cultured
Reference Strain:
Species:sp. oral taxon 317
NCBI Taxonomy ID:
16S rRNA Sequence:
AY005061  [Entrez Link]
PubMed Search:0  [PubMed Link]
16S rRNA Alignment: View Alignment         Download Alignment         NoteNucleotide Search:395  [Entrez Nucleotide Link]
Phylogeny: View 16S rRNA tree         View all Tree filesProtein Search:5808  [Entrez Protein Link]
Prevalence by Molecular Cloning:
Clones seen = 66 / 34879 = 0.189%
Rank Abundance = Tied for 100
Genome Sequence
1 View Genome
Hierarchy Structure:    Hide or show the hierarchy structure
General Information:
Prevotella sp. Oral Taxon 317 strain F0108 has been isolated from a human subject by the Moore's Laboratory in April 1992. The subject was a 38 year old American black female. The bacteria was isolated from the subgingival oral biofilm at a healthy site. The bacteria was grown in anaerobic conditions. The partial 16S ribosomal RNA gene was deposited to GenBank under the reference FJ577255. The strain is available at under the reference HM-5. This strain is part of the reference strains for the oral section of the Human Microbiome Project.
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