Human Oral Microbiome Taxon Description
TM7 [G-2] sp. oral taxon 350
Human Oral Taxon ID (HOT):350Synonym:
Oral Clone BU080
Phylotype - Uncultured
Reference Strain:
None, not yet cultivated
Phylum:TM7 Saccharibacteria
Class:TM7 [C-1]
Order:TM7 [O-1]
Family:TM7 [F-1]
Genus:TM7 [G-2]
Species:sp. oral taxon 350
NCBI Taxonomy ID:
16S rRNA Sequence:
AF385568  [Entrez Link]
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Prevalence by Molecular Cloning:
Clones seen = 2 / 34879 = 0.00573%
Rank Abundance = Tied for 409
Genome Sequence
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General Information:
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