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Meta-Database Search
Meta-database search engine searches across four major databases -- Taxonomy, Genomes, User documents, and Genome annotation databases. The Hit box will show the number of matches found in the databases.

Here, we provide a example for advance search.
To do the advance search, type the words or phrases in the search box and select the format of word matching.

If you provide “Bacillus subtilis” in search box, the results will depend o­n your word matching selections. First the program will concern about searching by all, any word or exact pharse of the query, and then searching by the complete or o­nly parial words.

Use ANY Words / Partially would give the most hits because results would be returned for any of the individual words: in this case, either Bacillus or subtilis. Also, because Partial Word was selected, you would get hits for any longer words containing Bacillus or subtilis such as Lactobacillus.

Use All Words / Partially would show o­nly results that have all of the individual words — in this case, both Bacillus and subtilis and all longer words containing Bacillus and subtilis such as Lactobacillus.

Use Any Words / In whole field would return results o­nly for results that have either Bacillus or subtilis in them.

Use All Words / In whole field would show o­nly results that have both Bacillus and subtilis in them.

Exact Phrase would return results o­nly for results that have the entire phrase Bacillus subtilis. Because it is the most specific, an Exact Phrase search gives the fewest hits.
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