Neisseria gonorrhoeae DGI2    [NCBI]    Contig 1: 162388 bps
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Genome info: Neisseria gonorrhoeae DGI2  [NCBI]   
Total contigs: 134 Total base pairs: 2093927 bps GC average: 52.5 % Total Blast Hits: 4539 Seq Released Date: 2011-10-12
HOMD Taxon Description: 621HOMD Genome Detial Info: SEQF1794
Contig selected: Contig 1
Contig size: 162388 bpsContig GC average: 52.25 %Contig Blast Hits: 334Contig Info: gi|226331845|gb|ACIG01000095.1| Neisseria gonorrhoeae DGI2 cont1.95, whole genome shotgun sequence

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