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Genome selected:  Yersinia pestis biovar Orientalis str. IP275 Sequence date: 2006-03-01
Total molecule(s): 101 Total base pairs: 5139152 bps

Total records found in the database: 4544 items
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Molecule †^GI/PID *^Gene DescendingSymbolSize (AA) ‡^Range ‡^Gene Product Name
17165913186   zwfYPIP275_062549413361-11877glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase
3165915622   zurYPIP275_326017288618-88100zinc uptake regulation protein
17165913187   znuCYPIP275_063125320101-20862high-affinity zinc uptake ABC transporter, ATP-binding protein
17165913212   znuBYPIP275_063226120859-21644high-affinity zinc uptake ABC transporter, permease protein
3165915642   zntRYPIP275_31751442281-2715Zn(II)-responsive transcriptional regulator
15165913520   zntBYPIP275_271533758923-59936zinc transport protein zntB
13165913758   zitBYPIP275_114731254999-54061zinc transporter ZitB
33165912131   yutYPIP275_003933032600-33592urea transporter
22165912779   ytbIYPIP275_134117573321-72794N-acylhomoserine lactone synthase YtbI
37165911981   yscYYPIP275_157410221549-21857type III secretion chaperone YscY
37165911991   yscXYPIP275_157312221148-21516type III secretion protein YscX
37165911982   yscUYPIP275_156235413688-12624type III secretion appartus protein YscU
37165911994   yscTYPIP275_156326114473-13688type III secretion apparatus protein YscT
37165911998   yscSYPIP275_15648814736-14470type III secretion apparatus protein YscS
37165911968   yscRYPIP275_156521715391-14738type III secretion apparatus protein YscR
37165911966   yscQYPIP275_156630716311-15388type III secretion apparatus protein YscQ
37165911971   yscPYPIP275_156745517675-16308type III secretion system needle length determinant YscP
37165911983   yscOYPIP275_156815418139-17675type III secretion protein YscO
37165911978   yscNYPIP275_156943919455-18136type III secretion apparatus H+-transporting two-sector ATPase YscN
37165911993   yscMYPIP275_15491152955-2608type III secretion apparatus protein YscM
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