BlastP Results against NCBI Non-Redudant Protein Database (nr) (Archive Annotation)
Genome selected:  Atopobium vaginae DSM 15829    [NCBI]    Total base pairs: 1430526 bps Sequence date: 2012-05-21
GC %: 42.66 Total contig(s): 6 Annotation date: 2015-02-05
Total significant BLAST hits: 1189 of 6318 ORFs identified in 6 contigs

Total records found in the database: 1348 items
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Archive ORF ID Links*SequencesBest definition 1Blast top hit 2Top hit organism 3Score 4DescendingEvalue 4
avag_c_1_4310P    NA AAListeria/Bacterioides repeat proteinListeria/Bacterioides repeat proteinAtopobium vaginae76610
avag_c_2_505P    NA AAbiofilm-associated protein, partialbiofilm-associated protein, partialAtopobium vaginae61200
avag_c_2_46I    NA AALPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...LPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...Atopobium vaginae40840
avag_c_2_26I    NA AALPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...LPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...Atopobium vaginae37120
avag_c_2_12I    NA AALPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...hypothetical proteinAtopobium vaginae36600
avag_c_2_970I    NA AAconserved domain proteinhypothetical proteinAtopobium vaginae36440
avag_c_1_709I    NA AADNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta ...DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta ...Atopobium vaginae28490
avag_c_2_107I    NA AADNA polymerase IIIDNA polymerase IIIAtopobium vaginae27250
avag_c_2_101I    NA AAUvrD/REP helicasehypothetical proteinAtopobium vaginae25990
avag_c_1_4066I    NA AAtranscription-repair coupling factortranscription-repair coupling factorAtopobium vaginae24740
avag_c_1_1305I    NA AApyruvate-ferredoxin oxidoreductasepyruvate-ferredoxin oxidoreductaseAtopobium vaginae24630
avag_c_4_195I    NA AAexonuclease RecJhypothetical proteinAtopobium vaginae24420
avag_c_1_4128I    NA AAresponse regulator receiver and SARP dom ...hypothetical proteinAtopobium vaginae24290
avag_c_1_3753I    NA AAFG-GAP repeat domain proteinhypothetical proteinAtopobium vaginae24280
avag_c_2_55I    NA AAcell wall/surface repeat proteincell wall/surface repeat proteinAtopobium vaginae24240
avag_c_1_699I    NA AADNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit betaDNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit betaAtopobium vaginae24170
avag_c_1_2252I    NA AAchromosome segregation protein Smcchromosome segregation protein SmcAtopobium vaginae23890
avag_c_1_1293I    NA AAErfK/YbiS/YcfS/YnhG family proteinErfK/YbiS/YcfS/YnhG family proteinAtopobium vaginae23110
avag_c_1_4057I    NA AAamylopullulanaseamylopullulanaseAtopobium vaginae23050
avag_c_1_4258I    NA AAefflux ABC transporter, permease proteinhypothetical proteinAtopobium vaginae23040
Items 1 - 20
 of 68 
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1 Definition of the best meaningful hit (Excluding unknown, conserved or hypothetical proteins).
2 First definition from top of the Blast hits that showed some functional implication.
3 Organism name associated with the blast top hit. Shift to the next hit if match to self-proteins.
4 Score and Evalue are based on the blast top hit.

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