BlastP Results against NCBI Non-Redudant Protein Database (nr) (Archive Annotation)
Genome selected:  Kingella denitrificans ATCC 33394    [NCBI]    Total base pairs: 2186592 bps Sequence date: 2012-03-20
GC %: 54.09 Total contig(s): 57 Annotation date: 2016-01-13
Total significant BLAST hits: 2216 of 15665 ORFs identified in 57 contigs

Total records found in the database: 3660 items
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Archive ORF ID Links*SequencesBest definition 1Blast top hit 2Top hit organism 3Score 4DescendingEvalue 4
kden_c_28_115I    NA AAATP-dependent helicaseATP-dependent helicaseKingella denitrificans39870
kden_c_1_148I    NA AAconjugal transfer mating pair stabilizat ...conjugal transfer mating pair stabilizat ...Kingellasdenitrificans38250
kden_c_10_53I    NA AAouter membrane autotransporterouter membrane autotransporterKingella denitrificans31850
kden_c_4_355I    NA AAtype I secretion target GGXGXDXXX repeat ...hypothetical proteinKingella denitrificans31070
kden_c_14_24I    NA AADNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta ...DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta ...Kingella denitrificans28800
kden_c_14_12I    NA AADNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit betaDNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit betaKingella denitrificans28690
kden_c_19_197I    NA AAcold-shock DNA-binding domain proteinhypothetical proteinKingella denitrificans27920
kden_c_17_211I    NA AAphosphoribosylformylglycinamidine syntha ...phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine syntha ...Kingella denitrificans26810
kden_c_2_62I    NA AAFAD-linked oxidaseFAD-linked oxidaseKingella denitrificans26630
kden_c_13_336I    NA AAperiplasmic proteinhypothetical proteinKingella denitrificans26140
kden_c_2_912I    NA AAtranscription-repair coupling factortranscription-repair coupling factorKingella denitrificans25810
kden_c_5_401I    NA AAnitrate reductase A subunit alphanitrate reductase A subunit alphaKingella denitrificans25630
kden_c_21_87I    NA AAvirulence associated proteinhypothetical proteinKingella denitrificans25530
kden_c_1_71I    NA AAexodeoxyribonuclease V beta subunitexodeoxyribonuclease V beta subunitKingella denitrificans25400
kden_c_1_1470I    NA AAbifunctional proline dehydrogenase/pyrro ...bifunctional proline dehydrogenase/pyrro ...Kingella denitrificans25140
kden_c_4_369P    NA AALysM domain protein, partialhypothetical protein, partialKingella denitrificans23770
kden_c_19_88I    NA AADNA polymerase III subunit alphaDNA polymerase III subunit alphaKingella denitrificans23730
kden_c_9_565I    NA AAexodeoxyribonuclease V subunit gammaexodeoxyribonuclease V subunit gammaKingella denitrificans23640
kden_c_1_493I    NA AAchromosome segregation protein SMCchromosome segregation protein SMCKingella denitrificans23230
kden_c_19_186I    NA AAATPase AAAATPase AAAKingella denitrificans23130
Items 1 - 20
 of 184 
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1 Definition of the best meaningful hit (Excluding unknown, conserved or hypothetical proteins).
2 First definition from top of the Blast hits that showed some functional implication.
3 Organism name associated with the blast top hit. Shift to the next hit if match to self-proteins.
4 Score and Evalue are based on the blast top hit.

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