BlastP Results against NCBI Non-Redudant Protein Database (nr) (Archive Annotation)
Genome selected:  Proteus mirabilis ATCC 29906    [NCBI]    Total base pairs: 3970930 bps Sequence date: 2011-10-12
GC %: 38.61 Total contig(s): 97 Annotation date: 2016-02-05
Total significant BLAST hits: 3711 of 10329 ORFs identified in 97 contigs

Total records found in the database: 4139 items
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Archive ORF ID Links*SequencesBest definition 1Blast top hit 2Top hit organism 3Score 4AscendingEvalue 4
pmir_c_36_4I    NA AAhypothetical protein, partialVibrio cholerae531e-05
pmir_c_3_388I    NA AAhypothetical proteinBacillus anthracis531e-05
pmir_c_11_201I    NA AAhypothetical proteinAggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans549e-06
pmir_c_12_20I    NA AAhypothetical proteinProteus penneri546e-06
pmir_c_13_139I    NA AACold shock-like protein cspEhypothetical protein CKO_05013Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895547e-06
pmir_c_14_216I    NA AAhypotheticalYersinia pestis KIM10+549e-06
pmir_c_21_135I    NA AAhypothetical protein, partialSerratia symbiotica547e-06
pmir_c_21_136I    NA AAunknown proteinYersinia enterocolitica W22703546e-06
pmir_c_3_142I    NA AAhypothetical proteinProteus penneri547e-06
pmir_c_3_482I    NA AAhypothetical proteinStigmatella aurantiaca546e-06
pmir_c_3_84I    NA AAhypothetical proteinCronobacter turicensis547e-06
pmir_c_44_27I    NA AAhypothetical protein ACD_21C00335G0001uncultured bacterium545e-06
pmir_c_49_5I    NA AAhypothetical proteinPseudoalteromonas sp. BSi20311546e-06
pmir_c_9_340I    NA AAhypothetical protein ACD_7C00417G0001uncultured bacterium545e-06
pmir_c_12_46I    NA AAhypothetical protein CKO_02189Citrobacter koseri ATCC BAA-895553e-06
pmir_c_1_155I    NA AAhypothetical proteinKlebsiella pneumoniae553e-06
pmir_c_1_217I    NA AAhypothetical proteinProteus penneri555e-06
pmir_c_20_113I    NA AAhypothetical proteinAggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans553e-06
pmir_c_23_179I    NA AAputative RNAShigella dysenteriae Sd197554e-06
pmir_c_25_137I    NA AAhypothetical proteinPlasmodium chabaudi chabaudi553e-06
Items 1 - 20
 of 207 
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1 Definition of the best meaningful hit (Excluding unknown, conserved or hypothetical proteins).
2 First definition from top of the Blast hits that showed some functional implication.
3 Organism name associated with the blast top hit. Shift to the next hit if match to self-proteins.
4 Score and Evalue are based on the blast top hit.

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