BlastP Results against NCBI Non-Redudant Protein Database (nr) (Archive Annotation)
Genome selected:  Streptococcus parasanguinis II F0405    [NCBI]    Total base pairs: 2050302 bps Sequence date: 2011-10-13
GC %: 41.98 Total contig(s): 16 Annotation date: 2016-02-24
Total significant BLAST hits: 2007 of 8424 ORFs identified in 16 contigs

Total records found in the database: 2482 items
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Archive ORF ID Links*SequencesBest definition 1Blast top hit 2Top hit organism 3Score 4DescendingEvalue 4
spar_c_3_773I    NA AAtype I site-specific deoxyribonuclease, ...type I site-specific deoxyribonuclease, ...Streptococcussparasanguinis20860
spar_c_9_44I    NA AApeptidasepeptidaseStreptococcus parasanguinis20770
spar_c_6_295I    NA AALPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...LPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...Streptococcussparasanguinis20710
spar_c_2_254I    NA AAphage infection proteinphage infection proteinStreptococcus parasanguinis20280
spar_c_1_236I    NA AALuxR family transcriptional regulatorLuxR family transcriptional regulatorStreptococcus parasanguinis19870
spar_c_5_341I    NA AAmembrane proteinmembrane proteinStreptococcus parasanguinis19810
spar_c_6_37I    NA AAphosphoenolpyruvate carboxylasephosphoenolpyruvate carboxylaseStreptococcus parasanguinis19610
spar_c_2_290I    NA AAcbxX/cfqXcbxX/cfqXStreptococcus parasanguinis19290
spar_c_1_284I    NA AAexcinuclease ABC subunit Aexcinuclease ABC subunit AStreptococcus parasanguinis19280
spar_c_3_694I    NA AAisoleucyl-tRNA synthetaseisoleucyl-tRNA synthetaseStreptococcus parasanguinis19220
spar_c_5_142I    NA AALPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...LPXTG-motif cell wall anchor domain prot ...Streptococcussparasanguinis18890
spar_c_1_1283I    NA AAtype III restriction endonuclease subuni ...type III restriction endonuclease subuni ...Streptococcussparasanguinis18570
spar_c_5_94I    NA AAmembrane proteinmembrane proteinStreptococcus parasanguinis18490
spar_c_1_596I    NA AApeptide ABC transporter permeasepeptide ABC transporter permeaseStreptococcus parasanguinis18400
spar_c_7_435I    NA AAbifunctional acetaldehyde-CoA/alcohol de ...bifunctional acetaldehyde-CoA/alcohol de ...Streptococcussparasanguinis18400
spar_c_2_27I    NA AAalpha-mannosidasealpha-mannosidaseStreptococcus parasanguinis18380
spar_c_6_58I    NA AAP-type cation-transporting ATPaseP-type cation-transporting ATPaseStreptococcus parasanguinis ATCCs1591218330
spar_c_10_71I    NA AAtranslation initiation factor IF-2translation initiation factor IF-2Streptococcus parasanguinis18300
spar_c_3_616I    NA AAvalyl-tRNA synthetasevalyl-tRNA synthetaseStreptococcus parasanguinis18140
spar_c_1_509I    NA AAmagnesium-transporting ATPasemagnesium-transporting ATPaseStreptococcus parasanguinis18010
Items 21 - 40
 of 125 
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1 Definition of the best meaningful hit (Excluding unknown, conserved or hypothetical proteins).
2 First definition from top of the Blast hits that showed some functional implication.
3 Organism name associated with the blast top hit. Shift to the next hit if match to self-proteins.
4 Score and Evalue are based on the blast top hit.

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