HOMD.org Genome Data::Oral TaxonID: HMT-767 Date: 2022-08-12 Genome-ID Oral_Taxon-ID Genus Species Status No. Contigs Sequencing Center Total Length Oral Pathogen Culture Collection GC % NCBI Genome-ID NCBI BioProject-ID NCBI BioSample-ID Isolate Origin atcc_mn non_atcc_mn Genbank Acc no. Genbank Assembly 16S rRNA 16S rRNA Comment flag_id SEQF2766 767 Streptococcus sinensis High Coverage 116 The University of Hong Kong 2,061,843 0 HKU4 42.16 176090 PRJNA251999 SAMN02848449 JPEN00000000.1 GCA_000767835.1 21