HOMD.org Taxon Data::Site/Status Filter applied Date: 2022-10-04 HMT_ID Domain Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species Status Body_site Warning Type_strain 16S_rRNA Clone_count Clone_% Clone_rank Synonyms NCBI_taxon_id NCBI_pubmed_count NCBI_nucleotide_count NCBI_protein_count Genome_ID General_info Cultivability Phenotypic_characteristics Prevalence Disease References 166 Bacteria Firmicutes Clostridia Eubacteriales Lachnospiraceae Johnsonella sp._HMT_166 Phylotype Oral 0 AF287774 Oral Clone CK051 712318 0 11 0 243 Bacteria Firmicutes Bacilli Bacillales Staphylococcaceae Jeotgalicoccus huakuii Named Unassigned 0 589010 0 0 0 339 Bacteria Actinobacteria Actinomycetia Micrococcales Intrasporangiaceae Janibacter indicus Named Unassigned 0 857417 0 0 0 SEQF2885 635 Bacteria Firmicutes Clostridia Eubacteriales Lachnospiraceae Johnsonella ignava Named Oral 0 X87152 43995 3 183 4532 SEQF1672 777 Bacteria Synergistetes Synergistia Synergistales Synergistaceae Jonquetella anthropi Named Oral 0 CCUG 53819 | CIP 109408 AF481216 428712 5 67 4912 SEQF1612 | SEQF2078 N/A Strains form small (c 0.5 mm in diameter) colonies on Columbia sheep blood agar after 5 days incubation [1]. Strains are asaccharolytic and generally unreactive in biochemical tests. Gas is not produced. Metabolic end-products of metabolism are acetate propionate and isovalerate. The major cellular fatty acids are iso-C15:0 and C16:0. The mol % G+C content of the DNA is 59.4 [1]. Found in the human mouth Has been isolated from an endodontic infection and clinical samples obtained from breast and pelvic abscesses peritoneal fluid and a sebaceous cyst.