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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
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Sequence Meta Information: Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus INIA P344;INIA P344
1HOMD Sequence IDSEQF5796.1
2Oral Taxon IDHMT-749
3OrganismLacticaseibacillus rhamnosus
4Culture Collection or StrainINIA P344;INIA P344
5Isolate Origin
6Sequencing Statuslatest
7NCBI TaxonID47715
8NCBI Genome BioProject IDPRJEB32820
9NCBI Genome BioSample IDSAMEA5671947
10Assembly NameINIA P344
11GenBank Assembly ID GCA_901971785.1
12RefSeq Assembly IDGCF_901971785.1
13Contigs and Singlets 88 Open in Genome Viewer
14Combined Length (bps)3,259,285
15GC Percentage46.56
16Submitter or Sequencing Center
17 Pangenome(s): (Anvi`o-server hosted on VAMPS) No Pangenome Assembly Available yet.
18CRISPR-cas No Available Data