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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
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The Taxon Description page lists a general Description, Disease Associations and Prevalence in the top of the page.
The remainder of the page is a table that lists standard information about the taxon:
  • Classification:
    The taxonomic names (lineage) of the HMT (human microbial taxon) ranked Domain through Species (or Subspecies). Each of these names link to the 'Life' Page for that name and rank.
  • Status:
    One of Named, Unnamed, Phylotype, Lost, Dropped (no TaxDescription page) or NonOralRef (NonOral Reference Taxon)
  • Type/Reference Strain:
  • Former Names or Synonyms
  • Genotypic Description:
  • Phenotypic Characteristics:
    A brief description
  • Cultivability:
    Description of its ability to be cultivated
  • Pangenome:
    (not implemented yet)- Will link to HOMD version of https://anvi-server.org/ Allowing exploration of selected pangenomes from HOMD genomes.
  • Microbial Ecology:
  • Proteomics:
  • Tools:
    A list of tools (with links) available for this taxon.
  • NCBI Taxonomy ID:
  • PubMed Searches:
    Direct links to the NCBI Data of this pages taxon
  • Number of Genome Sequences:
    The number of genomes in HOMD that contain this taxon. Also a link to the genome table showing this genomes.
  • Phylogenetic Trees:
    Links to three trees (with this taxon highlighted): The Genome Tree, Ribosomal Protein Tree and the 16S rRNA Gene Tree