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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
Genus: Veillonella
Lineage: Bacteria;Firmicutes;Negativicutes;Veillonellales;Veillonellaceae;Veillonella
Overview: Bacteria of the genus Veillonella are among the most abundant bacteria in the healthy mouth. They make up approximately 10% of the bacterial community on the tongue, tonsils, and throat and 2-4% in dental plaque and on the cheeks and gums.

Ecological role/importance in health and disease: Veillonella spp. consume lactate and thrive adjacent to lactate-producing streptococci (Perisamy & Kolenbrander 2010). Veillonellae such as Veillonella parvula are early colonizers of teeth; they cannot grow by themselves on saliva but they are abundant in the biofilm that forms during the first 4 hours on enamel in the mouth (Diaz et al. 2006, Periasamy and Kolenbrander 2010). Other species – V. dispar, V. rogosae, and V. atypica – are members of the tongue dorsum biofilm (Wilbert et al. 2020, Mark Welch et al. 2019). The as-yet unnamed Veillonella sp. HMT 780 is abundant on the gums. V. parvula is a member of the "purple complex" in the subgingival biofilm together with Schaalia odontolytica (Socransky et al. 1998).
eHOMD Taxonomy
LifeCellular Organisms
 DomainBacteria (773) Abundance
  PhylumFirmicutes (255) Abundance
   ClassNegativicutes (53) Abundance
    OrderVeillonellales (15) Abundance
     FamilyVeillonellaceae (15) Abundance
      GenusVeillonella (7) Abundance
       Species       Veillonella atypica (HMT-524) Abundance
       Veillonella denticariosi (HMT-887) Abundance
       Veillonella dispar (HMT-160) Abundance
       Veillonella parvula (HMT-161) Abundance
       Veillonella rogosae (HMT-158) Abundance
       Veillonella sp._HMT_780 (HMT-780) Abundance
       Veillonella sp._HMT_917 (HMT-917) Abundance