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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
Genus: Porphyromonas
Lineage: Bacteria;Bacteroidetes;Bacteroidia;Bacteroidales;Porphyromonadaceae;Porphyromonas
Overview: The genus Porphyromonas is abundant in the healthy mouth, making up between 2% and 5% of the community at each site within the mouth (Segata et al. 2012).

Ecological role/importance in health and disease: Among the 12 oral species, P. pasteri has the broadest distribution, making up 1-4% of the total community at each oral site (Eren et al. 2014). The unnamed Porphyromonas sp. HMT 930 dominates on the keratinized gingiva and is also abundant on the buccal mucosa. The widely studied taxa P. gingivalis and P. endodontalis are detected with low abundance in subgingival plaque in healthy individuals but become more prominent in periodontitis. P. gingivalis, together with Treponema denticola and Tannerella forsythia, is part of the "red complex" of subgingival taxa associated with periodontitis (Socransky et al. 1998).
eHOMD Taxonomy
LifeCellular Organisms
 DomainBacteria (773) Abundance
  PhylumBacteroidetes (123) Abundance
   ClassBacteroidia (78) Abundance
    OrderBacteroidales (78) Abundance
     FamilyPorphyromonadaceae (12) Abundance
      GenusPorphyromonas (12) Abundance
       Species       Porphyromonas asaccharolytica (HMT-547) Abundance
       Porphyromonas catoniae (HMT-283) Abundance
       Porphyromonas endodontalis (HMT-273) Abundance
       Porphyromonas gingivalis (HMT-619) Abundance
       Porphyromonas pasteri (HMT-279) Abundance
       Porphyromonas sp._HMT_275 (HMT-275) Abundance
       Porphyromonas sp._HMT_277 (HMT-277) Abundance
       Porphyromonas sp._HMT_278 (HMT-278) Abundance
       Porphyromonas sp._HMT_284 (HMT-284) Abundance
       Porphyromonas sp._HMT_285 (HMT-285) Abundance
       Porphyromonas sp._HMT_930 (HMT-930) Abundance
       Porphyromonas uenonis (HMT-785) Abundance