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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
Genus: Prevotella
Lineage: Bacteria;Bacteroidetes;Bacteroidia;Bacteroidales;Prevotellaceae;Prevotella
Overview: The genus Prevotella is species-rich, with 51 species recognized in HOMD. Some of these species are found primarily in dental plaque and buccal mucosa, others primarily on the tongue, tonsils, hard palate, and throat.

Ecological role/importance in health and disease: As they are anaerobic, dental plaque Prevotella are more abundant in subgingival than supragingival plaque; major species include P. oris and P. nigrescens. On the tongue dorsum, P. melaninogenica has both high prevalence and high abundance, and an additional 5 or more Prevotella species also have >70% prevalence, making the tongue dorsum Prevotella community both abundant and complex. Two species, P. intermedia and P. nigrescens, are considered part of the "orange complex" in subgingival plaque marking part of the ecological succession from health toward periodontitis (Socransky et al. 1998).
eHOMD Taxonomy
LifeCellular Organisms
 DomainBacteria (773) Abundance
  PhylumBacteroidetes (123) Abundance
   ClassBacteroidia (78) Abundance
    OrderBacteroidales (78) Abundance
     FamilyPrevotellaceae (56) Abundance
      GenusPrevotella (49) Abundance
       Species       Prevotella aurantiaca (HMT-943) Abundance
       Prevotella baroniae (HMT-553) Abundance
       Prevotella bivia (HMT-556) Abundance
       Prevotella buccae (HMT-560) Abundance
       Prevotella buccalis (HMT-562) Abundance
       Prevotella dentalis (HMT-583) Abundance
       Prevotella denticola (HMT-291) Abundance
       Prevotella enoeca (HMT-600) Abundance
       Prevotella fusca (HMT-782) Abundance
       Prevotella histicola (HMT-298) Abundance
       Prevotella intermedia (HMT-643) Abundance
       Prevotella jejuni (HMT-313) Abundance
       Prevotella koreensis (HMT-526) Abundance
       Prevotella loescheii (HMT-658) Abundance
       Prevotella maculosa (HMT-289) Abundance
       Prevotella marshii (HMT-665) Abundance
       Prevotella melaninogenica (HMT-469) Abundance
       Prevotella micans (HMT-378) Abundance
       Prevotella multiformis (HMT-685) Abundance
       Prevotella multisaccharivorax (HMT-794) Abundance
       Prevotella nanceiensis (HMT-299) Abundance
       Prevotella nigrescens (HMT-693) Abundance
       Prevotella oralis (HMT-705) Abundance
       Prevotella oris (HMT-311) Abundance
       Prevotella oulorum (HMT-288) Abundance
       Prevotella pallens (HMT-714) Abundance
       Prevotella pleuritidis (HMT-303) Abundance
       Prevotella saccharolytica (HMT-781) Abundance
       Prevotella salivae (HMT-307) Abundance
       Prevotella scopos (HMT-885) Abundance
       Prevotella shahii (HMT-795) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_300 (HMT-300) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_301 (HMT-301) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_304 (HMT-304) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_305 (HMT-305) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_306 (HMT-306) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_309 (HMT-309) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_314 (HMT-314) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_315 (HMT-315) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_317 (HMT-317) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_376 (HMT-376) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_396 (HMT-396) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_443 (HMT-443) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_472 (HMT-472) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_475 (HMT-475) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_515 (HMT-515) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_820 (HMT-820) Abundance
       Prevotella sp._HMT_942 (HMT-942) Abundance
       Prevotella veroralis (HMT-572) Abundance