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16S rRNA RefSeq: V15.23    Genomic RefSeq: V10.1
Genus: Leptotrichia
Lineage: Bacteria;Fusobacteria;Fusobacteriia;Fusobacteriales;Leptotrichiaceae;Leptotrichia
Overview: Bacteria of genus Leptotrichia are abundant in the healthy mouth, making up 3% or more of the bacteria in dental plaque and on the tongue, tonsils, and throat. Many of the species recognized in HOMD are as yet unnamed. The unnamed taxa L. sp. HMT 215 is abundant on the tongue dorsum whereas L. buccalis, L. hongkongensis, and the unnamed L. spp. HMT 212 and 392 are abundant in dental plaque. Some species, including HMT 221 which is abundant on the tongue dorsum, were reclassified into the genus Pseudoleptotrichia in 2020 (Eisenberg et al. 2020).

Ecological role/importance in health and disease: Leptotrichia spp. are anaerobic or microaerophilic. In the "hedgehog" structure of dental plaque, together with Fusobacterium spp. they occupy a presumably anoxic zone in the interior of the structure (Mark Welch et al. 2016). Leptotrichia spp. may also cause opportunistic infections.
eHOMD Taxonomy
LifeCellular Organisms
 DomainBacteria (773) Abundance
  PhylumFusobacteria (37) Abundance
   ClassFusobacteriia (37) Abundance
    OrderFusobacteriales (37) Abundance
     FamilyLeptotrichiaceae (23) Abundance
      GenusLeptotrichia (18) Abundance
       Species       Leptotrichia buccalis (HMT-563) Abundance
       Leptotrichia hofstadii (HMT-224) Abundance
       Leptotrichia hongkongensis (HMT-213) Abundance
       Leptotrichia shahii (HMT-214) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_212 (HMT-212) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_215 (HMT-215) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_217 (HMT-217) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_218 (HMT-218) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_223 (HMT-223) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_225 (HMT-225) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_392 (HMT-392) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_417 (HMT-417) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_463 (HMT-463) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_498 (HMT-498) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_847 (HMT-847) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_879 (HMT-879) Abundance
       Leptotrichia sp._HMT_909 (HMT-909) Abundance
       Leptotrichia wadei (HMT-222) Abundance